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Its said that the location is one of the most important factors of good and quality vacation. Our apartments are an ideal place for you.
Situated just 300m from the beach Veliki Pijesak, one of the most beautiful on the Montenegrin coast in the municipality of Bar, our apartments guarantee you an unforgettable holiday in the untouched nature, surrounded by greenery and from our terrace you will breathe fresh air and enjoy the wonderful view.
Our apartments are very easy to reach from all directions and all means of transport. We are only 12 kilometers from the center of Bar, so it is very convenient for those arriving by car, train or ferry.
While staying in our facility you have a chance to visit some of the sights of Bar and all over Montenegro if you are interested. We can organize excursions to Old Bar, Kotor, Cetinje, Rijeka Crnojević, Ostrog Monastery or even organize your departure to Dubrovnik, Mostar, Tirana, Skada, etc.

Veliki Pijesak

If you want to enjoy the romantic sunsets, feel the scent of the sea and watch the infinity sky, the Veliki Pijesak is the perfect place for you!

If you want to enjoy the romantic sunsets, feel the scent of the sea and watch the infinity sky, the Veliki Pijesak is the perfect place for you!

Veliki Pijesak is a beautiful beach in Dobra Voda, between Bar and Ulcinj. The Veliki Pijesak belongs to the municipality of Bar and is 10 km away from Bar.

The length of the beach is about 300 meters and the surface area is 8,046 m2. Around the beach is a large number of restaurants, fast food facilities as well as private accommodation, apartments and hotels. A year ago, the Hotel Ruža Vjetrova started to work, which allows visitors to enjoy their own beach with a private beach as well as a swimming pool when they are in a big waves …

The main beach is mostly pebbly and in some places and sandy. Because of the open sea the waves are frequent but on the other side the water is very clean.

Veliki Pijesak has been a small tourist resort for many years, but for the last couple of years, a number of luxury houses and buildings have been built around the beach, making the place look even nicer and beautiful and offering more and more content year after year.


The harbor or gate of Montenegro in the world. It is amazed by the wealth of cultures, religions, nations, traditions, and affection of the surrounding villages. King Nikola Petrovic was also here, in a castle that today, as a center of cultural events, brings together musicians and writers. The town is recognizable by olive trees in the old 2000 years old in the Mirovica settlement and the oldest institution in Montenegro, the Archdiocese of Bars founded in 1089. The ancient town on the hillside, four kilometers from the coast, is a museum of architecture.

Old town of Bar

The Old Bar is one of the oldest inhabited places in Montenegro and a town with a long and burning history, around which many spearheads and conquerors broke up. Built in an unusual place for seaside towns, just a few miles from the coast, Stari Bar is located on the elevation of Londa at the foot of the mountain of Rumija.

In Italian and English, Stari Bar is known as Antivari, while in Latin it is called Antibarium. On the three sides, surrounded by unpaved cliffs, the town was built primarily for easier protection and access to fresh drinking water, which is transported to the town from the north, through the aqueduct dating from the 14th to the 16th century.

Old Olive in Mirovica

The old olive tree on Mirovica is a monument of nature protected by law in 1963. It’s over 2,000 years old and is considered to be the oldest tree in Europe. The tree is 10m thick. The legend says that there were gatherings of famished families around the olives and there was reconciliation in that place.

Olives in the Bar area are known for its quantity over 100,000 olive trees, most of which are over 1,000 years old.It is interesting to say about the olives in Bar – no young man could marry if he didnt plant a certain number of olive trees.In Bar, in 1927, there was a “Factory Brothers Maric”, where they processed up to 20 tons of olive per day and produced the famous Bar oil, which was exported to America, France and Germany

Castle of King Nichola

Built in 1885 on the seashore, this favorite Montenegrin ruler with a large park full of various Mediterranean plants (amongst others and cork wood) and numerous supporting facilities, such as chapel, guardhouse, winter garden and ballroom, leaves none The visitor is indifferent. This castle is today the official museum of the town of Bar

The promenade of King Nicholas is a pedestrian street stretching from the suburb of Sušanj to the port of Bar. It is located along the seashore and represents a favorite promenade both for tourists and the local population. At the beginning of the Šušnj, visitors to the promenade can observe various kiosks and street vendors, as well as the carousel in the summer months. In this promenade is the Castle of King Nikola, as well as a luxury hotel – Hotel Princess, tennis courts, football fields, beautiful beach with tiny stones. Along the promenade, especially on the seashore, are palm trees. Various cafes, restaurants and marinas are located on the walkway. The entire promenade is a decorated, 2km long, pebble zone. At the end of the promenade you will find a wonderful marina, where you can enjoy the sightseeing of all kinds of boats and the beautiful viewpoint at the lighthouse.

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